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'Getting an adjustable bed and making other home adaptations for Dylan',says Oakenshow mother

The 5-year old Oakenshaw boy, Dylan Tillsley was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy at 18 months and due to that the parents are trying to raise £15,000 for modifying their home to adapt to his requirements. Dylan often suffers with weak legs, painful cramps as he has to struggle everyday to climb stairs. Emma and Marc, his parents are planning to convert the garage into his bedroom and bathroom so that he gets more independence to move around. The funds that they are planning to collect for a fundraiser will go into buying a specialist adjustable bed so that he can be comfortable in different positions that will ensure less cramps. Most of the doctors’ advice buying adjustable beds for those with physical disabilities or sleep disorders and other problems that is encountered in a normal bed. They are aiming to swim for a specified period to garner funds and Emma said: “Though I am scared of the water, there is nothing that I like better than trying to help my son. And I need to ensure that I am doing that for him.” “We are hoping that the swimming challenge is completed somewhere in August but it will depend on the temperature.” “We know that he needs an adjustable bed but on our own, financing for the modifications is not possible especially considering our other expenses. But we need to make sure that he has a bed that can be positioned in the way he wants. Sometimes his cramps are excruciating and then we have to manually change his position so the muscles do not tighten so badly.” “Though we had looked at other options to fund the changes, but we were told it might take ages to get the grants. Fundraising seems to be the only option that we have to get him a disability friendly bedroom, an adjustable bed and a bathroom that caters to his needs.”

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