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About Us

We strive to provide the best adjustable bed comparison service on the web, enabling our users to quickly and easily find the perfect bed for them, from a supplier who can deliver to their door.

We do this by comparing the prices and features offered by a wide range of manufacturers so you don't have to. All you need do is carry out a few simple steps and we'll do the legwork for you, finding you the best deal in the process.

Alongside our comparison service, we also endeavour to offer you the best in adjustable bed information, to make the buying process easier and to equip you with the knowledge you need to get the most out of your bed after purchase.

Finally, we think that there is no one better placed to recommend a bed then the users themselves. With this in mind, the Adjustable Bed Comparison plan to conduct in-depth customers surveys to give you a quick and easy reference point to use during the purchase process.

Watch this space! 

Why are Adjustable Beds Important?

Adjustable beds offer more than just comfort; the enhanced support and control they provide also have a multitude of health benefits. More modern bed models can be fitted with massage or gentle heating features that help to ease any discomfort you may have, aiding a pleasant night’s sleep.

What’s more, the ability to control the position of your head and legs makes activities like watching television or reading in bed more comfortable, while also making it easier to get into and out of bed.

The Wizard

The adjustable bed wizard is the focal point of the Adjustable Bed Comparison site. This handy tool allows users to quickly gain detailed information on bed products in their local area.

Easy to use, a visitor to the site need only navigate through four steps to get the very best out of the page and receive information on products specifically tailored to their needs and geographical location.

First, a user selects whether it is a single, double or twin independent bed they require. A single bed is a bed that is wide enough to accommodate only one person, while a double bed will accommodate two people. With both of these products, the whole of the bed will move into the selected position, meaning that both occupants of a double bed will always be in the same position.

A twin independent bed will accommodate two people and will feature two independently moving halves. This allows one bed occupant to raise themselves into the desired position without affecting the other, and vice versa. If this fits your requirements, this is the bed for you.

Next, the user will need to select what additional functionality they want their bed to have. Heat and massage facilities are available with most adjustable beds; the heat function can provide relief to a wide range of medical conditions and afflictions, while the massage feature supplies additional comfort. Consult your GP to find out more about how these functions could benefit your own set of circumstances.

The user is then taken to a form where they fill out their contact details. This allows the Adjustable Beds Comparison team to ensure that you are only put in touch with firms that can deliver the products you want, with the features you need, in your local area. It also gives us an address to send the manufacturers’ literature and brochures to!

The final portion of the wizard is a comparison of the firms that can offer what you need and the service you require in your area. This screen will display whether or not the firm is able to provide a home demonstration of the product – something that the Adjustable Beds Comparison team highly recommend as an integral part of the purchasing process – whether they provide home delivery and setup and whether they can offer the extra features you require.

The comparison page also displays the guarantees offered by each of the manufacturers. The team recommends not to accept a guarantee of less than two years, and to opt for one of between two and five years if possible. 

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