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Adjustable Bed Supplier Reviews

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Review date : 01/10/2021


- C

Review date : 15/09/2021

Very good everywhere

- A

Review date : 28/08/2021

I am extremely pleased with my new bed and am finding it extremely versatile helping to give me more comfort and pain relief.

- J

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3 stars

Adjustable Bed Factory

Review date : 16/08/2021

I love my adjustable bed it's so comfortable I wouldn't be without it

- W

Review date : 08/08/2021

Non-existent communication, written and oral. Did complain and was told customer service would phone us back, still waiting. Happy with the bed, extremely unhappy with service.

- V

Review date : 25/06/2021

Was talked into remote and advised I was worried about losing it. Was told there’s a pocket on the side. Nope. Also told different motor was required. When queried later told no ?????Also the light is pathetic. It’s just on a piece of wire. Great dust trap. When I spoke to senior person I was told it was so as not to disturb a partner when getting up in the night.I live now alone which the salesman knew. £250 wasted. Also still waiting for a receipt and guarantee details

- Mrs F

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6 Reviews
5 stars
4 stars
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